MissionWell is a social enterprise dedicated to renewal, wellness, and transformation for organizations and communities.

We specialize in 2 AREAS: one, helping organizations do their Missions as well as possible so they generate the most positive Social Impact; and two, we help organizations, businesses, and community groups promote and sustain Healing & Wellness.

Our approach is an InwardOutward Model – we help organizations strive for and maintain a Culture of Wellness & Efficiency (The Inward) in order to leverage their passion, their people, and their purpose to do the most good in the most effective way (The Outward).

Inward-Outward Model

We help you optimize every aspect of your organization so you can have the greatest social impact.

When organizations are operating from a space of wellness, efficiency, and flow – with a system of Wellness and Impact structurally integrated – they become powerful Social Enterprises creating sustainable change, growth and renewal for the people and communities they serve.

Healing & Wellness

MissionWell was created for just this purpose; our name is in fact our mission – to help others do their mission well. To quote the old Quaker idiom, MissionWell helps people, organizations and communities “live Well by doing good…”

If you are interested in our services and how we can help your mission have the greatest impact, or simply want to learn more about us, feel free to click on the Contact page or email/call/text the founder, Niles Comer at niles@missionwell.org or 540.313.2204.